Grants of up to €12,000 to digitalize your company.

Through the Transformation and Resilience Recovery Plan you will be able to digitize your company thanks to Next Generation EU funds.

Digitalize your company

Kit Digital is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions in small and medium enterprises to achieve an advance in their digital maturity.

Who is it for?

The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are oriented to the needs of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed workers.

Beneficiary Segments

Segment III. Small or micro enterprises with between 1 and less than 3 employees and self-employed persons.
Segment II. Small or micro enterprises with between 3 and less than 10 employees.
Segment I. Small companies with between 10 and less than 50 employees.

Digital solutions and available amounts

€ 2000 for Web Site and Internet Presence

The main objective of this category is that you can have a website to give you visibility on the Internet.

€ 2000 for E-commerce

The main objective of the category is to create your website for buying and selling products and / or services using digital media for their exchange. In addition to giving visibility to your brand, you will have an e-commerce or online store.

€ 1000 for Electronic Invoice

El principal objetivo de esta categoría es que puedas tener una página web para darte visibilidad en internet.

€ 4000 for Customer Relationship Management

CRM or ERP implementation. The main objective of this category is to digitize and optimize the management of business relationships with your customers.

€ 4000 for Business Intelligence

The objective of this category is to enable you to exploit your company's data to improve the decision-making process.

€ 6000 for Process management

The main objective of this category is to digitize and/or automate your business processes, related to operational or productive aspects.

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